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LivingSocial faq

Q: What is the difference between the $89.00 voucher and the $99.00 voucher?
A: The $89.00 promotion is only applicable for coupes and sedans.  The $99.00 voucher is for SUV’s/Vans


Q: Is my zip code within your service area?
A: The promotion includes zip codes within 30 miles of the National Detailing office location in your area. An additional travel charge of $15 is accessed if your zip code exceeds this distance. The distance is calculated using google maps by typing "(your zip code) to (local National Detailing office zip code)" - for instance, if your zip code was 19805 your local National Detailing office is located in zip code 19711. You would simply proceed to and type "19805 to 19711" and you would be able to see that travel to your location is included in the cost of the coupon.


Q: Is my crossover (or station wagon) considered a Sedan or SUV/Van?
A: All crossovers and station wagons are considered SUV/Van.  They require the purchase of our $99.00 promotion


Q: How can I schedule my appointment?
A: In order to schedule your appointment, please have your LivingSocial voucher available, and visit the ‘Get Started’ tab on upper right hand side of this page.


Q: Do you offer weekend appointments?
A: We have appointments available 7 days a week.


Q: How long does the Platinum Package Detail take to complete?
A: Our Platinum Package takes 4-5 hours to complete    


Q: Does this promotion include gratuity for the detailing technician?
A: As stated in the ad, the promotion does not include technician’s gratuity or applicable state sales tax.  Both are collected upon completion of the job.   


Q: What if it rains on my appointment day?
A: If there is any impending weather, we will contact you to reschedule the day beforehand.  There are no fees or surcharges for rescheduling due to rain.


Q: Do I need to be home while the technician is detailing my car.
A: As long as the technician has access to the car, it is not required that the client is available during the start of the job.  Although, we do suggest that the client is available at the completion of the job, in order to see the completed package, as well as provide the technician with a hard copy of your LivingSocial Voucher and gratuity and applicable state sales tax.


Q: What type of detailing products do you use?
A: Our technicians use only professional-grade products.  These products are not available in stores and are only sold to automotive professionals.


Q: How long does the wax last?
A: The wax application can last up to 6 months, although for added shine and protection, we recommend getting your car detailed every 3-4 months.


Q: Are the seats treated?
A: Yes; Cloth seats receive a stain removal treatment and leather seats are cleaned and then conditioned.


Q: Will my seats or floor mats be wet when the job is complete?
A: No, by the time your vehicle is complete everything will be dry.


Q: Will any of the chemicals stain my driveway?
A: All of the products we use are water-based, meaning that if anything gets on your driveway it will rinse off.  Although, please be sure to mention your concern to our technicians before work on your vehicle begins.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We accept all major credit cards

For any additional information, please feel free to visit or contact us toll-free at (800) 931-7310


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  • "My car was really dirty inside from years of my dog riding in the backseat, groceries, hauling plants, etc. The detailer worked for four hours, and when he was through the car was spotless. He arrived on time, was pleasant and courteous. This was a very good experience." - Danielle F., Palo Alto, CA
  • "They did a very thorough job...the outside of my car looked awesome and the paint was very smooth...the inside was spotless and had a great clean smell. I live out of my car and drive about 40k miles a year...but they were able to make it look new." - Mark R., Princeton, NJ
  • "My experience was outstanding. A very nice and polite young man arrived and immediately went to work on my car non-stop for a full 4 hours, even in 90+ degree heat. The car was detailed meticulously inside and out. I am very pleased with the service, and will definitely use them again." - Iris U., Evanston, IL
  • "Their waxing gave my 2008 car look like when I drove it home for the first time. We've had a lot of rain since then and the water just bubbles up and runs off. Great job." - Edward G., Brookline, MA
  • "I'm always pleased with the work National does. Every time I call they're able to set me up with an appointment that fits my busy schedule. Their detailers are very thorough and I've never had a problem. Prices are very competitive especially for everything they do." - Peter W., Pearland, TX